Drop-Off Services

Our dedicated team delivers every parcel with care. We’re all about reliable parcel delivery with a personal touch offering a huge range of services and access points. You only pay for the speed you need – you can take our quality for granted.

What is a ‘Drop-off’ Parcel Delivery Service?
A drop-off service is a method of delivery that involves the sender taking their parcel to a nearby drop-off point, or ‘drop shop’, where the courier collects it later.   It offers flexibility for those who need to get their parcels dispatched quickly with minimum hassle.
Drop-off services from only £1.99 exc. VAT

The benefits of a drop-off service
Taking parcels to drop-off points works best for those with a small number of parcels who have a busy day schedule. And if that doesn’t work for you, you could always book a parcel collection service instead.

No need to wait in
You won’t need to wait in at home for a specified collection time. Instead, you can get parcels dispatched at a parcel shop on your way to work, on the school run, or on your lunch break.

Cheaper than collection
Because you’re not paying for a courier to come out to collect your parcel, drop-off services often end up being cheaper than collection services, while still allowing you to track your package.

Evening and weekend sending
Thousands of drop shops are open on Saturdays and Sundays, allowing you to fit sending around a busy schedule.

Our most popular drop shop services

Parcel Collection Service

A parcel collection service is a method of delivery whereby a courier comes to a specified location to pick up a parcel – or multiple parcels – before taking them back to the depot to be sorted and sent to the recipient. It’s often referred to as a door-to-door delivery, on account of the courier arriving at both the door of the sender and of the recipient.

The benefits of a parcel collection service
Collection services work best for those who’ll be in one location for most of the day; maybe you work from home or have parcels that need to be collected from the office. Either way, there are plenty of ways for you to benefit from our parcel collection and delivery services.

Service from your doorstep
Unlike with a drop-off service, there’s no need to leave the house or the office to have your parcel dispatched. Instead, you get door-to-door delivery, from your door to theirs.

Beat the queues
You avoid the potential queues and delays you’d find in a drop-off shop.

Timed deliveries
Certain collection services offer guaranteed next-day delivery by as early as 9 am, ideal for more urgent or time-sensitive sending.

Our most popular collection services

Same-Day Delivery

  • geParcel is the UK’s affordable same-day distribution network
  •   Parcel Protection up to £25000 on selected services
  •   Send up to 1,300 kg with Extra-Large Van delivery

Book a same-day parcel from only £13.09 exc VAT.

What’s the one thing that puts people off sending goods in the post?

Having to wait.

Well here at geParcel, we don’t like playing the waiting game either. That’s why we offer a number of same day delivery services to all of our customers at the best prices in the UK!

We work with a number of same day couriers to get you fast quotes and rapid response. By collaborating with reputed carriers like City Sprint, we’re able to provide a prestigious same day courier service without the big price tag.

To get a same day delivery quote, simply enter the details of your parcel into the Quick-Quote tool above and hit “Quote & Book”. Then select the quote that’s right for you!

Once booked, your same day courier service will arrive at your specified collection point to pick up your parcel, before taking it across the country to hand-deliver it to your recipient before tea time. You can keep tabs on it from dispatch to delivery, too, with our free ship tracker. Simple!

Plus, when you book same day couriers through geParcel, you’ll always get the absolute lowest price available because we negotiate great prices with all the couriers we work with. And if you don’t need it quite so urgently, why not book an economy delivery service instead?

Don’t wait until tomorrow – book your same day courier service through geParcel now!

Next-Day Delivery

  •   Choose from over 20 different next-day delivery services
  •   Have parcels arrive by 9 am on selected services
  •   Get the UK’s cheapest next-day delivery quotes

Prices start from just £4.55 exc VAT

Next-day deliveries are so popular with buyers and sellers alike, they’ve become a new industry standard. Plus now with geParcel, next-day delivery isn’t just possible — it’s affordable too.

Thanks to our extensive selection of expedited delivery options, we’re confident that you’ll find the right one that matches your needs – as well as your budget – whatever the size of your parcel; large parcels can be delivered just as swiftly as small ones,  heavy parcels delivered as quickly as light.

Select any one of our UK couriers as part of your UK express delivery requirements, and book the parcel collection date at a time that suits you from the comfort of your home. Once you’ve received an email confirming your express delivery order, you’ll then be able to access our free parcel tracking service and monitor the progress of your consignment.

Win over customers by offering cheap yet reliable express deliveries with our big-name courier services, including UPS, Parcelforce and DPD. And with prices starting as low as £4.99 exc VAT, you’ll struggle to find anything cheaper in the UK. And if you’re sending overseas, you can also get an express delivery service to one of over 200 locations.

Send faster by booking your next-day deliveries through geParcel today!


Couriers that offer next-day delivery

2 to 3 Day

48 Hour Couriers

  •   Choose from dozens of 48-hour courier services
  •   Parcel Protection available on all 48-hour parcel services
  •   Get the UK’s cheapest 48-hour delivery quotes

Prices start from just £1.99 exc VAT

Booking a 48-hour courier service allows you to get the best of both worlds. These two-day delivery services strike the balance between speed and cost by providing fast 48-hour deliveries at the lowest possible price.

And because 48-hour courier services strike this balance so well, they’ve become the staple diet of the best UK businesses. The convenience of swift deliveries on a budget benefits both the sender and the recipient, helping build and maintain relationships between companies and their customers.

When you book a 48-hour courier with geParcel, you’re afforded a selection of the UK’s very best 48-hour delivery services. Choose to drop your parcel off or have it collected, either from home or from work, and get inclusive Parcel Protection worth up to £20 on any service you choose. Plus, you can track a parcel using our tracking tool.

Whatever your needs are, we make booking a fast and reliable courier service as easy as possible. 

48-hour delivery still not fast enough for you? Check out our next-day delivery services here instead.

Couriers that offer 48-hour delivery

3-Day Delivery

  •  Collection or drop-off services available
  •  Choose from a range of couriers
  •   Select from the UK’s cheapest standard shipping prices

Prices start from just £2.99 exc VAT

Getting great prices on standard shipping is essential in the modern era of online retail. It allows a cost-effective solution, both for businesses and consumers, without having to sacrifice the security of parcel tracking or send with an unreliable courier.

At geParcel, you can select from a range of standard shipping options with the UK’s most reputed courier services. Booking economy delivery with myHermes couriers, getting a Collect+ delivery and sending a parcel with Yodel at the UK’s lowest prices has never been easier. 

What’s more, there’s free tracking on all our standard delivery services. You can track your orders once you’ve booked by using your geParcel reference number with our online tracking tool. Standard courier services will operate on a 3-day delivery schedule, which you can keep up-to-date with by tracking at geParcel for free. 

Plus, when you book a 72-hour delivery at geParcel, you can get £20 Parcel Protection included in the price. That means your economy delivery is not only affordable, but they’re also secure. That way, both you and your customers can rest easy in the knowledge that your consignments are on the way with a quality standard delivery service.

And if that’s not fast enough for you, you can book a next-day courier instead, or learn more about our parcel couriers.

Book a standard delivery with geParcel today to get the best services at the most affordable prices!

Couriers that offer standard delivery

Pallet Delivery

  •   Send up to 1000 kg per pallet
  •   Send with the UK’s most reliable pallet delivery specialists
  •   Have your pallet collected tomorrow

Prices start from just £80.00 exc. VAT

Big consignments are a big responsibility. Here at geParcel, we understand that you need a specialist pallet delivery company handling your pallets, to ensure that they arrive at their destination on time and in the very best condition. Thankfully, that’s exactly what we deliver with our fantastic pallet quotes.

When you choose to send your goods through geParcel, you have several delivery options to choose from. We are one of the cheapest pallet delivery companies in the UK and If you’re looking to get your items to their destination as fast as possible with an affordable price, then opt for a next day delivery option with us.

To ensure the best quality of service every time you book a pallet delivery with us, we work with our pallet specialists, Palletforce. They handle large and bulky items on “pallets” designed to support a load of heavy items. And it’s all at a fantastically low rate, because when you book at geParcel, you get some of the cheapest pallet quotes in UK.

Alternatively, if your palletized items are a little less urgent, then choose to send your goods with a 48-hour pallet delivery service. Again, this service has been designed as a simple and cost-effective way of getting your large palletized items delivered safely. Although Palletforce is one of the cheapest pallet delivery companies in the UK, you can be sure that they will arrive on time and in top condition.

Once your pallet has been collected or distributed you no doubt want to keep an eye on its progress as it travels to its destination. This is no problem at all thanks to our pallet tracking facility, which will let you know where your consignment is from the moment it leaves your possession to the moment it arrives safely at its destination.

For some of the UK’s best prices, book your pallet courier service with geParcel today!