Send a parcel to Ireland

from only £5.81 exc VAT

  •   Collection and drop-off service available
  •   Get parcel cover worth up to £50 included
  •   Protect your parcel up to £5000 with extra cover
  •   Send up to 70kg on selected services

The Republic of Ireland

The Republic of Ireland has given us Guinness, James Joyce, and St Patrick’s Day, as well as a rich Irish ancestry for many families residing in the UK. Its proximity and long history with Britain has made it a key trading partner, which means that getting cheap postage to Ireland is always in high demand.

At geParcel, we’re able to offer cheap parcels on shipping to Ireland while keeping deliveries reliable, to all thanks to our long-standing relationship with renowned courier services like DHL, Parcelforce, and TNT. It’s not the luck of the Irish; it’s our dedication to our customers that allows you to cut your shipping costs and get the job done right. Get a quote and send a parcel to Ireland today!

Always Cheaper than the Royal Mail

Parcel Weight Royal Mail geParcel You SAVE
5kg £17.48 £7.74 (£9.29 inc VAT) £8.19 Save 46%
10kg £20.90 £8.50 (£10.20 inc VAT) £10.70 Save 51%
20kg £33.01 £8.50 (£10.20 inc VAT) £22.81 Save 69%

What else do you need to know...

Do I need to deal with customs when posting to Ireland from the UK?

Luckily, Ireland is a member of the European Union, meaning that there’s no need to worry about customs when shipping to Ireland from the UK.

How much does it cost to send a parcel to Ireland from the UK?

Postage to Ireland costs at as little as £5.81 when you book through us, a price you’ll struggle to beat. And thanks to our extensive delivery networks through Ireland, express parcel delivery is amazingly inexpensive, too. Cheap parcels, quality service.

How should I address my parcel for delivery to Ireland?

Ireland uses the same addressing system as we do here in the UK, so labeling is fairly straightforward.

You can refer to this addressing guide provided by the Universal Postal Union for an example to help with shipping to Ireland.

What items can I send?

As a general rule, you can send anything to Ireland that you could send to the UK, but you should still contact the Irish Tax and Customs office if you’re unsure about anything you’re sending. Plus, you can also check out our prohibited items list for goods that can’t be carried by our couriers.