Expert Advice for Sending Your Items

Here at geParcel, we know how awkward it can be the first time you arrange a courier service. Questions such as how should I package this, who should I use and are there any special restrictions; can be enough to make anyone think twice. To help, we’ve put together a quick guide to sending certain item types with geParcel, making sure your item is delivered as quickly and as safely as possible.

Sending Alloy Wheels

What are my collection and delivery options when using an alloy wheel courier?

Moving alloy wheels can be both complicated and costly – which is why the logistics of an alloy wheel courier are best suited when transporting these particular vehicle parts. By ensuring your chosen wheel courier has the correct facilities to pick up your alloy wheels and ship them safely to their destination, this provides peace of mind and professionalism; guaranteeing a timely delivery along with your consignment arriving in the same condition as it was sent out.

When considering an eligible alloy wheel courier service, bear in mind the following:

·  Varying alloy wheel sizes/rims. While the standard size of 17” alloys are a popular commodity, it’s important to allow for other tyre sizes – accommodating for 16” to 19” as well as 4×4 tyres. Additionally, make sure you use delicately package rims due to their considerable value

·  Delivery options. Factor in delivery preferences – whether you need your alloy wheels courier to deliver your consignment the next day, or require parcel tracking to update your customers accordingly

·  Prohibited items. Before you ship your alloy wheels or car accessories, be sure to check whether these are permitted for shipping (you can take a look at our list of restricted items here).

Compare our directory of alloy wheel couriers on our website today, and let us arrange a speedy and secure delivery – only with the UK’s leading global courier services company, geParcel.

Sending Car Parts

What do I need to know when shipping car parts by courier?

If you’re in the car parts industry and require a safe means of shipping vehicle accessories, then you may want to consider the services of a car parts courier. While many carriers are well-experienced in delivering a variety of consignments, entrusting an agent with valuable goods takes a lot of trust – and knowledge. It’s imperative that you research your car parts courier service, and see what delivery options they offer as well as what criteria deems them qualified to ship your car parts.

The main points to take into account include:

·  Quantity. How many car parts are you looking to send?

·  Size. Various sizes will impact on costs as well as delivery timescales

·  Delivery dates. Are you after next day delivery, or do you require same day collection?

·  Restricted items. Be sure to check whether the parts you’re wanting to ship are permitted – as many couriers prohibit certain items (check our list of prohibited items for further details).

To get a clearer idea of estimated costs and delivery times, take a look at our online quote tool. Simply enter the address details of where your parts need delivering from to its designated recipient, input the weight of your consignment (or for more than one, select the Send Multiple Parcels option) and you’ll receive a quote. If you’re happy with the quoted price, book a car part courier and enjoy exceptional customer service and delivery today!